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İstanbul is not only the most densely populated city in Turkey, but also the center of commercial and cultural activities. Its location has an immense strategic value. So much so that, this city has lands within both continents, with one of half of it being in Europe (European side) and other in Asia (Asian side). The waterway that is between the continents is called Bosphorus. Asia and Europe is tied together by two splendour bridges (i.e. Boğaziçi Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges). With such a geographical location, İstanbul stands alone as the sole metropolitan in the world that is founded on more than one continent. Further, it has the biggest population in Europe. Along with the Bosphorus, The Golden Horn (i.e. Haliç) is another place worth of seeing in İstanbul, which forms a natural harbour running from Bosphorus landwards. The ancient İstanbul is established among the Marmara Sea, Golden Horn and Bosphorus. İstanbul with its historical depth, tracing to the 500 (BC), is one of the oldest cities on the world. After the conquest of Mehmet the Conqueror, the Ottoman Empire followed predecessor Roman and Byzantine Empires in promoting this city as the commercial and cultural center. As a result of it, the city gained additional prominence in terms of historical and cultural legacy. Also, ongoing cosmopolitan life-style prospered the religious plurality within this great city. Mosques, Churches and other places of worship have co-existed peacefully in İstanbul since the oldest eras of the history. Yet another significance of İstanbul sources from it being a city of palaces. These palaces from the Ottoman era have been beautifying the Bosphorus as the residences of numerous the Sultans. The daily life is very energetic in İstanbul with various activities taking place there; such as art, games, entertainment, shopping and so forth. It has been, and will continue, holding a large number of important and extensive organizations. For instance, it is decided to be the "European Capital of Culture" within the year of 2010. As a direct result of the centuries-long accumulation of knowledge within this city, İstanbul contains the forthcoming universities and other educational organizations. Hence, it is the center of intellectual activities in Turkey. In terms of transportation, İstanbul has a well-developed infrastructure and means of transport (Bus, steamship, underground, tram etc.). This city is well-prepared to welcome a modern future with what is at disposal. You can find relevant information by visiting the links given on top of this page toward the most splendid and remarkable touristic venues of İstanbul.
katherine  kath  (Indonesia) 29.12.2010
I have been there once. beautiful city :)
arel lahairoie  arel  (Indonesia) 07.06.2010
mahmoud  ismail  (Egypt) wow 23.03.2010
wow >>that`s my word about istanbul ,the impressive, wonderful city, this is my 1st visit and i will repeat it again
Diana  Vabule  (Latvia) 07.03.2010
i have been there 5 times already...and will return again..coz i have fallen in love with that city&culture...
Blagovesta  Dincheva  (Bulgaria) Istanbul 26.01.2010
Amazing city!I wish to go again there!I love this place!

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